The JAPAN Innovation & Succession Fund wants to contribute to society through the business activities of Business Group Holdings, of which the fund is a shareholder.

By making the investee company shine as a public institution of society, and by making use of the businesses such as employees and business partners involved in social contribution, the thoughts of all stakeholders will be utilized in society in a good way. Aiming for this, we will continue to push forward with the JAPAN Innovation Succession Group business.

1. “Turning business activities themselves into positive changes in society”
2. “Toward a world where everyone has the opportunity to live in their own way”
3. “Concrete actions for change”

Thoughts on the company crest (logo mark)

The desire to express the Japanese spirit by placing three bales on top of the three treasures that have been used for celebrations in Shinto and temples since ancient times in Japan, and the Omi merchant who has developed for many years with a good commercial talent, said, “Seller. “Good”, “Good buyer”, “Good public” = “Not only the seller’s convenience, but the buyer must be satisfied from the bottom of his heart and contribute to the development of the local community and the promotion of welfare through the business. It was created from the desire to establish a fund that inherits the idea of “Yoshimi Mikata”.

For owners who want to succeed to the business, for the employees and management who run the company, and for the management of the pension fund of a major company, which is the retirement fund of Japanese workers who played a part in the development of the Japanese economy. We created this logo because we wanted to provide a “good” fund and contribute to society.

On the indigo pedestal that represents stable succession, three rice bales that represent rich fruit are dyed in vermilion that represents innovation and piled up.


Established    : May 2016
Representative : Nick Kondo
Board Members : Kazuyoshi Kimura, Councilor
         Shusaku Minoda, Councilor
         Hideko Kunii, Councilor
         Nick Kondo, Representative Trustee
         Kaori Matsui, Trustee
         Akihiro Azuma, Trustee
         Auditor Taro Isshiki
Office Address : 1-11-30 5F Nagatacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo JAPAN 1000014